About the Bad Cinema Diary

This thing really did start out as a personal diary listing the cheap movies I’ve watched… but as you can see, it got rather too big for its britches.

This won’t cover all the films I watch, just the more obscure ones; there are plenty of sites putting up reviews of the “A” flicks.  But I do hope you’ll find something you like in here.  Welcome to the world of Trash Cinema… or as I call it, Honest Entertainment.

and The change to Blog format….

Nothing dramatic really — I just wearied of cranking HTML myself.  It got in the way of updates, and I’ve never had enough fun with webdesign to work hard enough to get good enough.  So I’m hoping that a WordPress blog will provide a better experience for both myself and my readers.

This site should still be considered in beta… but it’s about as “live” as it’s going to get at this point 🙂

As always, I’m open to suggestions for improvement.

Regarding Requests & Screeners

If you’ve made a grand little film, chances are I’d love to see it.  But I’m not getting into the promotion or publicity business; I try to stick to movies that have had a “release” — those that are (or were) available to the public through some distribution.  So please don’t bother asking to send me screeners or special streams.  On the other hand, if there’s a flick out there that you think I should review, I’d be happy to see your recommendations (even if it’s a self-serving recommendation by the filmmaker 🙂 ).


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