One-Eyed Monster

2008) prod & dir: Adam Fields; w/ Amber Benson, Jason Graham, Ron Jeremy, Veronica Hart. A tidbit o’ skin; no gore.

An evil alien spirit possesses Ron Jeremy’s infamous willy and runs off with it! Now the cast & crew of a porn shoot are terrorized by the murderous member. And somehow they manage all of that without showing much of anything… but I suppose the bigger surprise is that it’s actually a decent little flick. The cast is good and Napier steals the show with a great monologue about a previous encounter with alien wankers. It’s neither scary nor very funny, but it’s cute – however, considering the potential wrapped up in that concept, just being “cute” amounts to a failure of some sort.


Cat Run

(2011) dir: John Stockwell; w/ Paz Vega, Janet McTeer, Alphonso McAuley, Scott Mechlowicz. A little skin; a little gore.

Two wanna-be private eyes try to protect the prostitute who ‘knows too much’ from the assassin who loves her job a little too much. It’s an odd little action-comedy graced by a fine cast and some fun characters. The script, however, is way too fond of those characters and lavishes an inordinate amount of time on them when it really should be getting on with the story. The flick has some good moments near the end, but most viewers will never see them – the temptations to yank the disc in the first half hour are many and persuasive. Some good talent here, but mostly wasted, I’m afraid.