She Came On The Bus

(1963) dir: Harry Vincent (aka Curt Ledger); w/ John King, Jo-Ann Perry, Fred Wagner. Lotsa skin; no plot.

A gang of bad young(ish) men steal a bus and rape some women. And that, I’m sure, is the sum total of the shooting script. The only sound is the canned music and the deathly-serious narrator; there appear to be no other humans on the planet besides our rapists and their victims; and the ladies really seem merely inconvenienced by rape. In fact, although this flick tries to sell itself as a ‘roughie’, 90% of the action is the same old softcore make-out scenes except with a narrator telling us how dreadful it is. There are some long stretches of dullness in spots, but it does deliver with quite a lot of topless fondling, which is as far as it gets. In its day, it was outrageous – but for anyone raised with the internet, this is a sleeping pill.



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