(2010) writ & dir: Eric Forsberg; w/ Paul Logan, Tiffany, David Labiosa, Barry Williams. No skin; no gore.

Genetically modified piranha eat & grow & eat & grow and soon we have giant fish leaping out of the water to eat buildings – then they head for Florida where the tourists are juicier – then Navy divers shoot at them with underwater-guns. Yup, every bit as stupid as it sounds. The cartoony script, cheesy dialog and ridiculously exaggerated action do lend it some fun value – but dragging it back down again is some very ham-fisted directing (camera whoosh!) and the butt-ugliest special effects I’ve seen in a good long time. If you’re a real Critter Flick fan (with low standards), it can be passably entertaining – but avoid it if you’re hoping for anything resembling talent.



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