The Girl on a Motorcycle

(1968 – France) dir: Jack Cardiff; w/ Alain Delon, Marianne Faithfull, Roger Mutton. A little skin; no gore.

A flighty young lady abandons her dull husband and motors off across Europe in search of real satisfaction… which is embodied in a callous womanizer. This is one of those flicks that relies heavily on its audience being totally stoned. Anyone dumb enough to watch this sober might realize that all the lame attempts at psychedelia, the delusional flashbacks, and the droning monologue are really just… godawful dull. Although it professes to be a counter-culture, free-love film, it is plain that the filmmakers either failed to understand these sentiments or consciously rejected them. So they settle for a mish-mash of poorly realized ideas and repetitive footage – a shameful waste of a young woman in tight leather.



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